May 29 2012

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The Treehouse

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I love a good Crafts Fair. In a mass produced assembly line big-box store corporate conglomerate driven economy, buying artisanal work feels extra special.

New Prospect Pottery by Lynn Isaacson, Huzzah Handmade by Kathryn Luciana and Gnorasaurus owls by Kathy Preston

Unfortunately a slumping economy and overscheduled lives can make finding the time to get to a Crafts Fair difficult. It’s a lot easier to head up The Treehouse on Front Street in New Paltz.

Kathy Preston is the proprietor and one of 18 artists showing work in the space.

Kathy Preston

A fellow New Paltz High School grad I felt an immediate affinity towards her, especially once I found out she too ‘found herself’ back in her home town persuing her own line of craft work, Gnorasaurus.

Gnorasaurus dolls by Kathy Preston

Gnorasaurus by Kathy Preston

Gnorasaurs messenger bag by Kathy Preston

Kathy’s also really cool and amiable, so feel free to ask her about any of the items in the Treehouse. She can tell you all about the piece and the artist who created it.

The Modern Dream felted woo bowl by Erin Von Holt-Gilbert

Off Her Rocker by Susann Foster Brown

Susan Schwake

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  1. Lindsay Pietroluongo

    I’ll have to check this place out!

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