Sep 04 2013

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Robibero Winery Sangria Festival

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One of the best parts of Hudson Valley culture blogging is getting invited back to places you’ve written about.

People sitting at outdoor wooden picnic benches

Robibero Winery Festival

So naturally when I heard about Robibero’s Summertime Sangria Festival, I made sure to add it to my upstate New York summertime schedule.

The Sangria Festival is more than just an excuse to drink (although that’s always been enough for me) it’s also a chance for armature mixologists to try their hand with wines, fruits, herbs and even spices to concoct some traditional and non-traditional sangria flavors.

Square glass jar with one dollar bills in it and purple grapes painted on the outside

Robibero Winery ‘Tip-Jar’

The festival (well mini-fest) consists of several stations where you can taste or have a glass of a different flavor. Some are from an artisanal sangria recipe book while others are made by Robibero Winery patrons for the annual summer sangria contest.

People sitting at tables under umbrellas on the back deck of Robibero Winer

Robibero Winery Deck

Each year sangria festival goers get to sample the entries brought by their fellow attendees and vote on which one makes you shout, ‘*La Duda!’

*That’s Spanish for ‘I’ll second that!’

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