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Apr 06 2014

The Kingston ArtBridge Project

In my real job (reporter for the Innovation Trail) I’ve been following the increase of oil trains though upstate New York Check out my story from New York NOW! Story begins at 18:15 Tweet

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Apr 05 2014

St. Patrick’s Day in Kingston

St. Patrick’s Day isn’t an official holiday. I mean does anyone really know if St. Patrick actually banished all of the snakes from Ireland? FYI – no he didn’t. Tweet

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Mar 03 2014

Chili Bowl Fiesta!

In the freezing depressing depths of winter, you want to curl up on the couch, next to a roaring fire with a deep bowl of hearty… chili. Tweet

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Feb 09 2014

Rail Trail Chili Tasting

Got cabin fever? It’s usually around mid-February that you really start to ‘feel’ winter. The holiday’s are over, it’s been cold and grey for weeks and that stupid groundhog…. Just when you feel like the walls are closing in, it’s time to get out for the Chili Tasting Contest! Tweet

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Feb 02 2014

Baby Boomers

I wasn’t around in the 60’s so I couldn’t possibly know what it was like. I’m eternally grateful to those who shed blood and in some cases laid down their life so I’d never know what pre-Civil Rights America was like. But I’ve still got a bone to pick, with white baby boomers. I get …

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Jan 26 2014

Ice Breaker

It’s just after dawn on the banks of the Hudson River at the historic military base, West Point. It’s there I join members of the US Coast Guard for a routine trip up the Hudson River. Tweet

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Jan 20 2014

Man vs. Winter

Who doesn’t hate cleaning up after a storm? Shoveling, cleaning and trying to restore roadways and walkways to ‘blacktop’ status is well… let’s face it, a pain in the ass. I did a pair of sister stories about snow removal, how its effecting our environment… Road Salt Could Embitter Northeast Ecosystems  And some innovative ideas …

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Jan 20 2014

Home Sweet Tech Valley

Tourism is a huge draw for the Hudson Valley and what it’s known best for. What most people who vacation in the Hudson Valley don’t know, is that its also part of New York State’s Tech Valley. Tweet

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Nov 03 2013

A Very New Paltz Halloween

What do I love most about my little Hudson Valley town? New Paltz knows how to celebrate, everything, nothing… anything. In this village Halloween might be the best example of a very New Paltz good time. Tweet

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Sep 30 2013

Rosendale Cool

Upward view of trees in summer

It’s official. I finally removed the air conditioner from my window. Fall is here and another summer is behind me. I won’t miss the heat and humidity, and I certainly won’t miss the sky high electricity bills due to my insationable desire for air conditioning. I will miss visiting some of the natural wonders that …

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