Jun 22 2014

Kingston: The IBM Years

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I’ve happily relocated back to my hometown of New Paltz but there’s always been a little part of me that’s wondered why now?

I’m part of New Paltz High School’s class of 1995 and when I graduated I couldn’t wait to get out! There was a depressed feeling throughout the Hudson Valley as if a voice (deep and menacing) was saying, ‘Get out while you still can! There’s nothing here for you! Go away, get away!’

Message 'The End is Near' in black letters against white backdrop

Dry Wipe Board from IBM Conference Room

I was a dramatic teen.

The point is a temporary depression has settled in and I didn’t understand why, nor did I have any idea when or if it would ever lift…

So I left.

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Jun 07 2014

Paul Green Rock Academy

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If you follow my blog you know the category ‘Got Kids’ will serve up stories about everything kids friendly in the Hudson Valley.

A recent story assignment for my ‘real job’ at the Innovation Trail made me consider changing this category title to ‘Where was This Sh*t When I was a Kid?’

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Jun 03 2014

Tin Roof Sessions

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Dusk in New Paltz is usually quiet time, particularly on a Sunday night but on a residential street in the heart of the village a converted garage is the venue for a mini-house concert.

Tin Roof Sessions, a recording studio and house concert venue in converted garage

Tin Roof Sessions Garage

It’s called the Tin Roof Sessions, named for the tin roof over the detached garage that plays triple duty as a recording studio, video production house and performance space. The brain child of friends Taylor Davis, Nate Krenkel (owner of Team Love Records in New Paltz), recording artists Conor Oberst and Mustafa Bhagat co-owner of production company Flicker Film Works LLC also in New Paltz.

Audio engineer and video camera operators film Tin Roof Sessions show

Recording the Tin Roof Sessions House Concert

Bhagat says the sessions started out as a way to showcase some of their favorite local and independent artists passing through the region between Montreal and New York City.

“So often artists will come and they will just have recorded a record and they’re about to go into the studio and they have a lot of material, a lot of new material they haven’t really tested and what better way than to have a test audience for your new songs.”

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May 30 2014

My New York Home

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And you may ask yourself… Well, how did I get here?


contemporary cottage in the woods

This is not my beautiful house

Revealing your financial life is in many ways, the final fig leaf. It’s the equivalent of standing naked in a room of overly judgmental, highly critical Monday-morning quarterbacks who are all too happy to point out every ripple, bump, blemish and scar on your body and how easily you could have prevented it.

Or is that just me?

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May 27 2014

Dining in with the Portable Chef

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You’ve packed your bags, rented a car, read up on the latest blog posts on outoftowntownie and now you’re ready for your Hudson Valley weekend at your country home or a Bed & Breakfast!
Just one problem… what are you going to eat?

green iron bistro table and chairs surrounded by green plants in front of red brick wall

Bistro Table and Chairs

Naturally there are countless restaurants, café’s and bistros all over our river valley of quaint country getaways but sometimes you just want to stay in and share meal. You’re easy answer? The Portable Chef.
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May 25 2014

Color, Line & Form: Art Show

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Family is a complicated thing. It can be beautiful and direct, unexpected and abstract with a single unifying thread that ties it all together.

watercolor painting of two squirrels in a wood frame

Bryan Perrin watercolor, two squirrels

Family binds are stronger than most of us realize and like a migratory animal driven by a primal urge, most of us find ourselves drawn to family.

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May 01 2014

Lets Talk About Ticks

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Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Alice.

red bodied female deer tick

Female Deer Tick

I met Alice while hiking on the mountainous property of the Cary Institute in Millbrook of Dutchess County.

I named her Alice after Ecologist Dr. Rick Ostfeld explained that she is indeed a female due to the red coloring on her body.

And yes, she is a tick.

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Apr 22 2014

Reigniting the War on Poverty

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Well they passed a law in ’64 to give those who ain’t got a little more but it only goes so far – Bruce Hornsby

50 years ago President Lyndon Johnson signed his landmark ‘Equal Opportunity Act’ into law. Half a century later this country still struggles with financial inequality.

black and white image of President Johnson signing the Equal Opportunity Act

President Lyndon Johnson signs the Equal Opportunity Act in 1964

And it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

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Apr 21 2014

The Manufacturing Revolution of the Hudson Valley

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Living around so many artists and crafters (is that what you call them?) can lead even the most untalented person to look at something and think ‘I can make that.’

Those thoughts are usually limited to clothing, jewelry, furniture or at least upholstery… but now it’s plastic tchotchkes too.

white plastic pig figure made from MakerBot 3D printing lab at SUNY New Paltz

3D Printed Pig

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Apr 06 2014

The Kingston ArtBridge Project

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In my real job (reporter for the Innovation Trail) I’ve been following the increase of oil trains though upstate New York

Check out my story from New York NOW! Story begins at 18:15

train of crude oil trains on train tracks at the Port of Albany

Crude Oil Trains at the Port of Albany

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